Who we are

The founders of WiseBrick are a multi-disciplinary team of ex-IBM consultants.
At IBM they formed the Global Centre of Competence for Circular Economy and saw its progression from the days of being a niche topic, to the globally recognised priority it is today. They have proven international experience in digitally-driven business transformations across various multinationals and industries, and have brought their thought-leadership to various forums including G7, G20, the European Commission and leading academic forums.

Core team

Jad Oseyran

Co-founder, value architect & managing director

Robin Schilham

Co-founder & technology director

Martijn Peters

Digital supply chain & operations director

Michiel Haas

Environmental impact Lead

Maarten Sijm

Senior Full stack developer

Mathias Meuleman

Senior Full Stack Developer

Christelle El Feghali

Optimization analyst

Nicolas Alaux

Buildings LCA Analyst

Lourens Touwen

Machine Learning analyst


Antara Bhattacharjee

Digitization analyst

Kean Yong

Product lead

Roy de Groot

Senior UX Designer

JP van Oosten

AI expert

Martin Marino

Building physics analyst

Aims and experience

Because we understand the systemic nature of the challenge in transitioning to a circular economy, we appreciate the need for collaboration to ensure successful outcomes that can scale. We understand data and how to put it to use, but we are also wise enough to reach out in areas that require further expertise.

Key experts panel

Elma Dumisevic

Elma is a leading architecture authority on Reversible Building Design and Transformable Buildings.

John Warner

John is the co-founder of the field of Green Chemistry. He is a distinguished research fellow and SVP at the Zymergen Corporation.