A journey...

why act?

WiseBrick is working on a lasting and scalable solution for our largely wasteful and carbon-heavy industrial economy.

The imperatives to act cannot be clearer, from an economic and social point of view. Upstream, we need close to 2 Earths to meet our rapidly increasing demand for natural resources, and downstream we’re wasting nearly 90% of all materials post-usage.

In this unsustainable and hugely poluting supply chain, we’re causing close to 50% of the total carbon emissions, responsible for the global climate change issue. In other words, to meet the 1.5C Paris targets, we need to adress materials reuse at scale.


a deep belief in the need to act..

In light of our considerable expertise in supply chains and IT as well as our deep belief in the need to act, we decided to formulate a critical building block that will catalyze this systemic shift.

It is our mission to address the need for systemic access to trustworthy and actionable data that can drive industrial parties to make informed, sustainable business decisions. This will shape new alliances and ecosystems, unlocking further value and creating new markets and participants.

Enabling a flourishing circular economy entails a transition towards new operating models, implying considerable change across organisations. The impacted parties however, will only embark on this transition if they recognize the structural value it brings to them and their stakeholders.


Unravelling (hidden) knowledge to asset owners. It starts with data.

Our solid background in complex digital solutions, supply chain transformations and change management, allows us to appreciate the key ingredients for adoption at scale by both governmental and business entities.

The first step in our journey is unravelling (hidden) knowledge to asset owners. We are reconnecting asset owners to the true value potential of their properties, unlocking value, exposing risks and limitations across the lifecycle. How? It starts with data, the relevant data at the right time to the right party. In essence, a circular economy is a ‘feedback-loop-rich’ economy; the foundations for which, enabling the generation, exchange and feedback of the relevant data, need to be thoughtfully built.

Once this foundation is in place, it will create the conditions for success and mainstream transition to circular hybrid supply chains.

Our initial focus is on real estate and ship industries.

Join us on this exciting journey!